Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Morning everyone! It looks as if it could be a rainy day in Ohio. I guess I will come in from outside and settle back into the routine of painting. I really enjoy it once I get started. As I grow older it is the self-discipline that I find harder. Working in the yard, listening to the birds and my fountains, feeling the warm breezes on my face all are pleasant distractions. The painting above is a scene from the Hocking Hills. My wife and I backpacked to Old Man's Cave and spent the day exploring. It is so close that we often forget to take time to enjoy the beauty of the area. For an artist each piece of work is a challenge. For me, using green is a big challenge. I hope that you enjoy this trip to Old Man's Cave. I encourage you to visit it and get that sense of scale- man to nature. Enjoy your day.