Monday, February 1, 2010

This landscape is titled "Fields". By now, I hope that you realize the importance of patterns to me. There are many patterns to be found in nature. And my friend Diane is aware of the many different patterns found in math. You probably are aware of patterns in your environment. I, intentionally, do not want my patterns to be so hard edged that they look mechanical. I want them to look more fluid. I want that "human" look to my work. I try to show you things in a new "light". The colors are a response to the earth and that which grows from it and eventually dies and returns back to the earth. I have used curvilinear shapes at the top of the composition as a way to contrast the lines in the bottom two thirds of the composition. The lines vary in direction, hue and size to help add more interest to the surface pattern. The next time you are driving look at all the patterns that you see. If you are going to be a true artist, you are going to become a good observer of all that is around you. Here's to good looking you!