Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three days until my annual "open" house. My lovely wife and I have worked hard to hang all of the new art throughout our home. We have organized the inside and the outside of our home. We invite 1600 people to this "little" event. We are helped throughout these two days by 16 family members and friends. Whew.......what happen to that little get together that we had 30 years ago? The invitations were originally all hand made. Now they are in the form of postcards. We are very fortunate. No artist could do this without help.
Here's a little story that happened to us last weekend at a jurying ( a process used to select artists for a show) for a summer show. Mary Anne and I arrived with my art work to show to the juror. Just as we were unpacking it for the juror, Mary Anne's phone rang. She politely excused herself to go answer her phone. After she had left, the juror looked at me and the first painting and said, "Wow, how long did it take her to paint this painting?" I had to respond that I was the artist. Could it have been because the painting was a floral? Well, the final painting before the open house is also a floral.
I hope that you enjoy the painting- and thanks Mary Anne for your continued support and understanding. Wihtout you, none of this would happen.