Saturday, March 6, 2010

There are times that I feel the need to "revisit" one of my themes. When my painting is completed , I often think about all of those "what ifs". Above is a painting that is a result of me thinking I would like to try the subject matter again. This floral is a full sheet painting and gave me the opportunity to do some thinking about how to manage my space, my hues, my shapes- etc. I have to be careful about the direction I take my work. While painting in this technique, I constantly must remind myself to be consistent in the treatment of my subject. These paintings take me longer to do because I have no mental reference or past experiences with my subject matter. I hope that this painting encourages you to think a little more abstractly.

Today, I visited the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, located in Lancaster, Ohio. I would encourage everyone to visit the current exhibit(Ends April 8). It is concerned with paper. This particular exhibit has pieces that would undoubtedly intrigue all ages. I regretted that I did not have my grandson with me. The exhibit would appeal to mathematicians, scientists, artists. While there is some attention to oragami there is a much bigger focus on how paper can be manipulated.
If you have not visited this museum the beautiful historic building is also worth the visit.

I continue to encourage everyone to visit downtown Lancaster, Ohio and visit the 5 Museums open to the public.