Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Skating in the Park

As a painter, I paint that which is familiar to me. In my previous postings, I have used pieces that demonstrate my desire to work with the basics- the elements. I thnk that is the teacher in me. In today's image, I paint that which I have an emotional attachment. This more traditional piece is a park in Lancaster, Ohio-Risng Park. We have many beautiful parks within our community. This one is a place in which family reunions, weddings, birthdays are celebrated. Growing up nearby, this park was like my backyard. Keeping warm by the bonfires and ice skating were some of the activities I enjoyed in Rising Park. If you have never been here you should climb the "mountain" to see an aerial view of our community. As I go along, I hope to illustrate Lancaster as a special community This particular painting is one of many that I have created as limited edition reproductions. I think of these pieces as "shared-memory" paintings.

Through the use of shadows, I have tried to create a sense of time in this piece. The use of the shadows also helps create a mood. The ryhthm of these shadows helps lead the eye upperward. Cast shadows also work to anchor your objects to the surface. It can contain some of the complimentary color of the object casting it. Shadows in your work can add a great deal.

Stay warm.