Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well, our season officially begins tomorrow morning. We have spent many hours preparing for our first show. People visiting the art festivals fail to realize the preparation and work that it takes for the artist to be "sitting" at the festival. I scrubbed weights, packed paintings, packed the tent, and barely managed to get everything in the van. Throughout the summer and fall we will be in hot weather, stormy weather and pleasant weather. We will meet wonderful people and be exposed to many creative artists. We will visit cities that we would normally not visit. We will start at 6:30a.m and work until about 9:00 at night. We will then work through the week to prepare for another show in another city on the following weekend. We share these experiences with hundreds of artists. They have become good friends and have taught us much.
People have come into our lives that we would probably never meet. Thirty years of hard work have been good to our family. I take this opportunity to thank each person who has supported our efforts throughout the years. Thanks!